09:00Mediamorphosis – How to reinvent news media for the digital age
Keynote address by Juan Senor – Partner, Innovation Media

09:47Navigating a new brand – The new world order
The complexities, pitfalls, advantages and opportunities behind navigating a new brand with brand new systems and processes.
Alon Lits – General Manager, Uber in conversation with Jeremy Maggs – Presenter, eNCA & Power FM, Contributor, Financial Mail

10:04Programmatic buying – Getting on with the programme
Do you know enough about programmatic buying to really excel at it? Whether it’s working through the jargon, from ad inventory, to real time bidding, click-through rates, audience extension, yield optimization and so on – or finding the most effective ways to up your digital advertising game: your brands will thank you for getting with the program.
Presented by Gil Sperling – Co-Founder, Popimedia

10:21Branded content – Sponsoring the conversation
With DSTV PVR decoders and internet access on the rise, more and more of your audience is choosing which content to engage with, right down to advertising messages. Are you sponsoring conversations that your consumer cares the most about? Learn more on how to entertain, educate and possibly direct your viewer’s attention without necessarily advertising to them.
Joshin Raghubar – Chairman & Founder, iKineo
10:31Donald Clarke – Managing Director, Lucky Bean Media

10:43Panel discussion: Branded content
Michael Balkind – CEO, Content Bar
Kyle Hauptfleisch – COO, Barbarossa Media
Patrick Conroy – Managing Director, Platco Digital (OpenView)
Moderator: Pepsi Pokane – Managing Director, Bongoe TV

11:35Rise of virtual reality – Memorable brand experiences / making brandings / making memories
2016 will see the mass-market introduction of virtual reality devises in South Africa, giving brands an additional media platform through which fully immersive, memorable experiences can be created in a 3D environment that excites the senses. Don’t miss out on opportunities to lead the way with innovative, impactful VR campaigns of your own.
Presentations by Hendri Lategan – CEO, Barbarossa Media

11:45Kelly Jackson – GM: South Africa, Contiki Tours
Start-ups – The new age business model
Fast-growing start-up businesses are bringing about a fresh new wave of opportunity that every progressive organisation can use – from innovative processes in development to the latest in target market research.
11:57Elias Sikazwe – Digital Entrepreneur, Snapscan
12:07Nic Haralambous – Founder, Nicsocks
12:17 Simon Hartley – Co-Founder, WumDrop

12:29Location media- when brands find you
The advancement of mobile devise tracking and other real-time locating systems has resulted in location-based media (LBM) fast becoming an essential tool in delivering tailored brand messages to the right audience at the right place. Join us for this discussion on the effective uses of location media.
Craig Page-Lee – Independent Consultant – Marketing and Communications Industry, d-cifr
Marc du Plessis – Commercial Director, Spark Media

12:47Sponsorship vs partnership – Beyond the logos and banners
One will contribute the money towards your cause, or event. The other will go the long haul on all the risks, responsibilities and proceeds if any. Take a closer look at opportunities and degrees of involvement behind these mutually beneficial relationships between two or more business enterprises.
David Sidenberg – CEO, BMi

12:58Panel discussion: Sponsorship vs partnership
David Sidenberg – CEO, BMi
Doug Place – CMO, Nando’s
Hazel Chimhandamba – Executive Head: Sponsorship, Standard Bank
Moderator: Jeremy Maggs

13:25 LUNCH

14:25Big data – Deciphering the information
Welcome to the age of big data, where absolutely every piece of information on people, places, brands and trends is literally at your fingertips – if you know how to read it. The Future of Media will unpack Big Data in a time when it’s taking our entire industry by storm. Come and hear from the experts on data processing, analysis, capture, curation, sharing, storage, and information privacy amongst other pertinent topics.
Panel discussion:
Geoff Cohen – Co-Founder & CEO, Delv Media (an Ole! Media Group company)
Ryan Jamieson – Director – Karabina Business Technology and Innovation
Chris Wiggett – Team Lead | Advanced Analytics, Britehouse
Moderator: Jeremy Maggs

14:47Digital migration – Are we there yet?
How far has South Africa come in its transition from analogue to Digital broadcasting? We look at the current state of affairs, and factors that are influencing the great migration.
Duncan McLeod – Founder & Editor, TechCentral

15:14Increasing power of social media – Avoiding pitfalls
Social Media is a powerful yet volatile platform that no brand can ignore because even if you don’t post – someone out there may just be talking about you. In this segment we look at associated risks, company policies and procedures – and how to overcome disasters as big as ‘the Penny Sparrow factor’.
Panel discussion:
Riaan Wolmarans – HO Digital Audience Development, Times Media
Yavi Madurai – Managing Director, Black Box Theory
Theresa Lotter – Managing Director, Media Tenor
Moderator: Toby Shapshak – Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, Stuff

15:41Gamification- Fun marketing ideas
Gamifying your brand is one fun way to increase user engagement, customer loyalty, and employee productivity amongst other great benefits.
Glenn Gillis – CEO, Sea Monster

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